December 31, 2015

What Sets Us Apart

  1. “One Stop Shop” In order to receive high quality instruction from college coaches, and to be able to get evaluated and noticed you must spend your summers driving all over the place to the different college camps and clinics. Families spend countless hours and money on gas, food, hotels etc.. just to get what they need. That is why we are unique as we bring the college coaches from some of the best academic institutions in the country right to you all in one place at the same time.


  1. Quality vs. Quantity” There is NO STANDING AROUND!! We offer a 10:1 Player to Coach Ratio. The Gridiron Showcase is capped at 500 athletes for entry to ensure that our athletes receive the highest quality of personalized instruction, evaluation and service. You want to get a Return On Your Investment, and be sure that your son is getting the reps, attention and the highest quality of instruction, visibility and interaction with the college coaches as possible. We offer the best Player to Coach Ratio around. We actually mean what we say.


  1. Exposure All of the instruction at the Gridiron Showcase is led by College Football Coaches themselves This is an incredible opportunity for high school football players to be able to interact with, be seen and noticed by the actual college coaches themselves live in-person over the course of the two days.


  1. Recruiting Seminar Our panel of College Coaches, Compliance Officers and Guidance Counselors represented from different schools will be presenting a one hour Recruiting Seminar to help educate and assist High School parents and coaches on the collegiate recruitment process. There is no other event out there where you can get first hand information on recruiting directly from the experts themselves. This is a great opportunity for high school parents and coaches to be informed and empowered on the subject of recruiting in order to give their son and student-athletes the best opportunity to succeed. The seminar will give parents and coaches the right tools to help get their athletes recruited as well as focusing on the areas of compliance, eligibility,and more.


  1. NO PADS We are a Non-Padded Football Clinic (Helmets Only) that combines football technique work, positional drills, football agility drills, football combine training. strength & conditioning, and more. This ensures the safety of our athletes Contrary to what some of the so-called “Football Experts” out there may believe, We as current and former Professional and Collegiate Football Players and Coaches believe that you cannot fully evaluate a player just by making them wear pads on the field. Those days are long gone!! If that was the case, then why do people like the NFL invest millions of dollars on evaluating players at the NFL Combine, College Pro Days and more..


We go Helmets Only, in order to effectively teach technique, get a complete evaluation and minimize the athletes risk for injury. We want our athletes to be able to be fully evaluate by meeting and talking with the college coaches, in person, taking their physical measurables, watching a QB’s footwork, an offensive lineman’s hand placement, balance and body control (don’t need pads to do that guys), a Linebackers awareness (still don’t need them), how well a DB can turn and open his hips, (still no pads), how well does a cornerback accelerate in order to close on a receiver, or better yet, does that receiver have top-end speed to separate from the defender, a defensive lineman’s explosive power to beat the block and so on… Remarkably, none of these things require wearing pads, and help to ensure the safety of our athletes during the off-season.

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